State and Local Finance

I.    Purposes of Taxes

    A.     Raise Revenue

    B.     Redistribute Wealth

    C.     Regulate Economic Activity

    D.     Impact Specific Activities

II.    Types of Taxes

    A.  "Good" & "Bad" Taxes

    B.     Progressive Taxes (Federal Personal Income Tax; Tax Burden and Income;

    C.     Proportional or Flat Taxes

    D.     Regressive Taxes 

    F.    Tax Expenditures

III.    Major Sources of State and Local Revenue (overview-see Table #5)  State Income Tax Collections (see items #3 & #4); State Revenue Reports - 2009))

    A.    Property Taxes (pie image of local government revenue sources; The Gallagher Amendment; Colorado Spending Rules)

    B.    Sales Taxes

    C.    Income Taxes

    D.    "Sin" Taxes

    E.    User Fees

    F.    Severance Taxes

    G.    Borrowing

IV.    Major Areas of State Spending (Denver Budget)

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