Congress and Interest Groups

I.    Petitioning the Government for a Redress of Grievances

    A.    Freedom to Organize

    B.    Freedom of Speech

II.    Techniques of Interest Groups (Stuck in the Revolving Door)

    A.    Direct Lobbying

        1.    Testifying

        2.    Member and Staff Contacts

    B.    Schmoozing

    C.    Member to Member Lobbying

    D.    Grass Roots Activation

    E.     Coalition Building

    F.     Electioneering

        1.    Interest Groups:  2004

        2.    Advocacy Groups

III.    Groups in Congress

    A.    Iron Triangles

    B.    Issue Networks

    C.    Caucuses

IV.    Group Resources

    A.    Tangible

    B.    Intangible

V.    The "Hydraulic Theory" of Policy Making

Key Web Sites

DeToqueville on Associations in America

Federalist #10 (abbreviated)