Congressional Rules and Procedures:  The Long Slow Look

I.    Types of Legislation

    A.    Public Bills

    B.    Private Bills

    C.    Joint Resolutions

    D.    Concurrent Resolutions

    E.    Simple Resolutions

II.    Scheduling in the House  (The Process)

    A.    Calendars (examples; Senate)

    B.    Rules Committee

III.    Stages of House Proceedings

    A.    Adoption of a Rule

    B.   Committee of the Whole

    C.    General Debate

    D.    Amendments

    E.    Voting and Passage

IV.    Senate Procedures

    A.    Scheduling

    B.    Unanimous Consent Agreements

    C.    Extraction of Bills from Committees

    D.    Floor Procedures

V.    Conference Committees

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House and Senate Compared

Floor Action