San Francisco

In late May of 2002 we visited San Francisco for several days.  Our justification was to visit colleges in the area but in reality it was a vacation.   Although the temperatures were on the cool side it was generally sunny albeit windy.

Here are the obligatory shots of the Golden Gate bridge.

gate.jpg (17593 bytes)

gatejr.jpg (36709 bytes)


When we visited the USS Hornet the boys had to ham it up by sitting in the Captain's Chair on the bridge.


hornet3.jpg (48069 bytes)


Scotty was especially into it.


hornet4.jpg (53073 bytes)


While in Sausalito the boys made friends with a well trained parrot.


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parrot4.jpg (62226 bytes)


Lee also managed to find an even weirder creature at a shop in Ghirardelli Square.


troll.jpg (63905 bytes)


Janie and I were particularly impressed with the Palace of Fine Arts.


fineart1.jpg (78966 bytes)


And of course no trip to SF would be complete without rides on the cable car.


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Alcatraz was definitely worth the time and effort it took to get there and to climb around.


alcrtrz2.jpg (41184 bytes)


Lee seemed to get a bit of the mood of the moment while in the "hole."


alcrtrz3.jpg (24699 bytes)


On this windy and chilly day San Francisco appears in the background with sharp relief and clarity.  This is the image that the inmates had between the bars from their cold, damp, dank and drafty cells.  More punishment than most could endure with equanimity.  Fortunately for us, we were but a short boat ride from the "Rock" to the city.


alctrz5.jpg (44039 bytes)


And lastly the famous gates of Chinatown.


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