Road Trips in Europe

This picture was taken in 1967 as I waited at JFK airport in for the flight to Europe.   People actually dressed up to travel by air in those days!  What an exciting moment -- three months ahead of adventure, learning and fun.

Jim Riley at JFK Airport - 1967


After arriving in Europe I got my Triumph Bonneville and began the long road.  Here I am waiting for a ferry some where in Holland as I recall.


There once was a time when I had lots of hair and didn't care much about whether it was combed or not.  This was taken from the top of a building somewhere in Europe.


While in Bergen, Norway it was necessary to dress very warmly and be prepared for only about 3 hours of darkness each night.  We were within about 300 miles of the artic circle.


There is no doubt where this photo was taken:  The Acropolis in Athens (when visitors were allowed to traipse all around it).  This was taken many during one of my later trips (late 1970's as I recall) on an excruciatingly hot day.

When Lee recently travelled to Greece I asked him to have a picture taken of him while visiting the Acropolis.  He also had a very hot day but didn't stick his tongue out.