Name and Purposes

Section 1 Name :The name of this organization is the Regis University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.
Section 2 Purpose: The Regis University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors is established to support the purposes of the Association as found in Article I of the national constitution..."to facilitate a more effective cooperation of teachers and research scholars in universities and colleges, and in professional schools of similar grade, for the promotion of the interests of higher education and research, and in general to increase the usefulness and advance the standards, ideals, and welfare of the profession," and to represent the faculty and librarians in collective bargaining as follows:



Section 1 Eligibility: Anyone eligible for Active, Associate, Emeritus, Part Time or Graduate Student membership in the National Association shall be eligible for membership of similar class in this Chapter. Approval of application for membership in the Chapter shall be the responsibility of the Chapter Executive Committee.
Section 2 Membership : Chapter membership shall become effective upon payment of national dues, and Chapter dues in an amount determined by the Executive Committee. Notification of membership in the Chapter shall be the responsibility of the Secretary.
Section 3 Dues: Annual Chapter dues shall be set by the Executive Committee and ratified by the membership of the Chapter. Payment of National and Chapter dues is a prerequisite for the maintenance of Chapter membership and shall constitute the condition of memberships in good standing of the Chapter. New faculty arriving during mid-year may pay dues on a pro-rated basis.



Section 1 Elected Officers: The elected officers of the Chapter shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Elected officers shall take office at the beginning of the fall semester.
Section 2 Election of Officers : Chapter officers shall be elected by a mail vote in a timely fashion following the regular Chapter meeting held for the month of April of each year. Candidates for each elective office shall be placed on the ballot by an ad hoc Nomination Committee of at least three Chapter members, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Chapter, at the regular Chapter meeting in the month of April for consideration by the Chapter. Additional nominations may be submitted from the floor. A plurality of votes cast shall be required for election to any office.
Section 3 Term of Office : All officers will serve a term of one year. Elections for the offices shall be conducted under the supervision of the Executive Committee.
Section 4 Duties of the President: The duties of the President shall include carrying out the policies of the Chapter, appointing all committees of the Chapter, exercising a general supervision over the activities of the Chapter, and presiding at meetings of the Chapter and Executive Committee. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall serve in the President's stead. The President shall be a member ex officio of all committees, but the President shall not be counted in determining a quorum in these committees.
Section 5 Duties of the Vice President : The duties of the Vice- President shall include those usually appertaining to the office and those delegated by the President and such other duties as may be assigned to the office by decision of the Chapter provided they do not violate other provisions of this Constitution.
Section 6 Duties of the Secretary : The duties of the Secretary shall include keeping a record of all proceedings, and correspondence of the Chapter, sending such notices as may be required, keeping the roll of members of the Chapter, certifying Chapter delegates to the Annual Meeting, preparing any newsletters for distribution to the faculty [unless that duty is assigned elsewhere], maintaining official contact with the National Association, its officers and staff. The Secretary shall preside at Chapter meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.
Section 7 Duties of the Treasurer : The Treasurer shall receive the dues of the members and keep an accurate record of all money received and of all disbursements, and other duties such as the preparation of budgets, annual reports, and other matters as shall be requested of the officer. The Treasurer shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The Treasurer shall supervise the regular and continuous recruitment of new members and shall also serve as the Membership Committee chairperson.
Section 8 Resignation : Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President or to the Secretary of the Chapter.
Section 9 Recall : All members of the Executive Committee are subject to recall.

Section 10 Special Election :When an officer has resigned, been recalled, or is otherwise disqualified, the office may, at the decision of the Executive Committee, be filled by a special election of the Chapter. The Executive Committee is empowered to fill vacancies in any elective office until a special election is held. Once the special election has been held, the person so elected shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term.


Executive Committee

Section 1 Membership: The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the Chapter, the immediate past President who is still a Chapter member, the Chief Negotiator for the Faculty who shall serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee for the duration of the Chief Negotiator's term of office and two members at large who shall be elected in staggered elections by plurality vote of the members of the Chapter to a two year term of office. A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for conduct of business of the committee.
Section 2 Duties : The Executive Committee shall act as the governing body of the Chapter between Chapter meetings. It shall assume responsibility for the Chapter's continuing effective presence at the institution, keeping all positions on the executive committee filled as vacancies occur. Among the other duties of the Executive Committee are the following:

Section 3 Nominating Committee : A Nominating Committee of three or more members, shall be appointed as needed by the Executive Committee. It shall broadly represent faculty at Regis University. Members of the Executive Committee may also serve on the Nominating Committee. Section 4 Membership Committee: There will be a Membership Committee chaired by the Treasurer who may appoint other members of the Chapter to this committee to aid the chairperson when necessary. Section 5 Executive Committee Vacancies In the event that any office becomes vacant, due to resignation or inability to serve, the Executive Committee shall make an interim appointment to the office until the next regular election of officers.


Bargaining Team A Bargaining Team of three members with the Chief Negotiator designated shall be selected by the members of the Executive Committee. Approval of the Bargaining Team shall be by a majority of the Chapter members voting.

Section 1 Functions : The Bargaining Team shall sit in negotiation sessions with the representatives of the Administration. The purpose of such negotiations is to produce a collective bargaining agreement that is acceptable to both the members of the Chapter and the Administration. The Team may be advised and/or accompanied by legal counsel.
Section 2 President's Role: The Chapter President may, but is not required to, participate in planning and negotiation whether or not a member of the Bargaining Team.
Section 3 Participation by Invited Parties: The Bargaining Team may invite other members of the Chapter to assist as needed.
Section 4 Removal: Members of the Bargaining Team may be removed by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.
Section 5 Vacancies: Vacancies on the Bargaining Team will be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.
Section 6 Selection Process :The Executive Committee will submit its slate of members of the Bargaining Team at the April meeting of the penultimate year of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Meetings: The Chapter shall hold at least two meetings per semester. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Section 1 Notification: Written notice of meetings and an agenda shall be provided each member by the secretary of the Chapter.
Section 2 Special Meetings: The President shall call special meetings of the Chapter within seven days when directed to do so by a majority vote of the Executive Committee or by petition signed by any 20 per cent of the members of the Chapter. Written notice of such meetings shall be provided to each member by the secretary of the Chapter at least five days in advance of the date selected for any special meeting.
Section 3 Quorum : The quorum required for the transaction of business at all meetings of the chapter shall consist of 30% of the active members of the Chapter. Section 4 Participation in Meeting : All members of the Chapter who are current in their dues may attend and participate at all meetings. Non-members may attend Chapter meetings at the invitation of the Executive Committee.
Section 5 Voting Privileges : Only members of the Chapter who are current on their dues may vote on any Chapter matter. Chapter matters include but are not limited to election of offices and bargaining team and contract approval.


Amendments Amendments to this Constitution may be initiated by the Executive Committee, a petition of 20 per-cent of the Chapter membership, or by a majority of the members voting at any meeting. Proposed amendments shall be circulated in writing to all members and shall be read and discussed at a meeting of the Chapter called no later than 15 days following such circulation. Amendments shall become effective upon written approval of two-thirds of the active membership responding to a written ballot.

Article VIII:

Rules of Order and ByLaws

Section 1 Procedure : Robert's Rules of Order, current revision, shall be the authority for this Chapter in matters of parliamentary procedure. Provisions in this Constitution or By-Laws shall prevail over any contrary provisions in Robert's Rules of Order.
Section 2 By-Laws : The Chapter may adopt other such rules and By-Laws for the conduct of business as it deems necessary. Proposed By-Laws shall be circulated in writing to all members and shall be read and discussed at a meeting of the Chapter called no later than 21 days following the date of the mailing. By-Laws shall become effective upon written approval of a simple majority of the active membership responding to a ballot distributed by mail to the entire Chapter membership.

Article IX:

Enabling Act

Section 1 Adoption : This Constitution shall take effect upon adoption by the procedures outlined in Article VIII.
Section 2 Supersession : This Constitution shall supersede and otherwise be superior to all other Chapter Constitutions, Rules, By-Laws, etc., passed prior its adoption. Any previous Chapter legislation whose contents contravene this Constitution shall be null, void, and otherwise inoperative.

Article X:


The undersigned do hereby certify by their signature that this Constitution was duly and properly adopted by the Regis University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

Signed by:

Virginia Epstein, President

Alice Reich, Vice-President

September, 1997