Topics in Political Theory

PS 482E-W
Spring, 2000
Meeting Times:  To Be Arranged

    In Spring, 2000 this course will be offered as an Independent Study class with Drs. Schmidt, Clayton and Riley providing the instruction.  Each student will choose one of these Professors and work with him.  Although every effort will be made to accommodate student desires in selecting the Professor of his/her choice, in some instances the student's first choice may not be possible.  Those enrolled in this class should meet with Dr. Riley no later than the first week of the semester.  His office is in Carroll Hall, Room # 241, phone number 303/458-4974, e-mail address
    The core text for the class is Ideals and Ideologies:   A Reader (3rd edition) by Ball and Dagger.  Additional readings may be required.  Moreover each Professor will establish individually specific requirements (papers, exams, etc.) for his students.