New York City and Environs

One of our trips out of the city involved a visit to the home of Franklin Roosevelt in Hyde Park.  Janie is standing in the front of the home. 

The modifications of the home to accommodate FDR's physical handicap were particularly interesting.

Janie at FDR's Home

Of course no visit to the Big Apple would be complete without a hike up the Empire State Building.  (OK, I lied about the hike). 

Anyway, we had a spectacular view from this highest of buildings in New York. 

The first image below is that of Lee and myself and the next one is with Scotty.

Lee & Jim on the Empire State Building


Scotty and Jim on the  Empire State Building

We also took a boat trip around the island of Manhattan.   Fortunately we did it one day before the rains set in.

Lee, Scotty and the Statue of Liberty

Lee and Scotty in New York

The day after the death of Bob Hope we visited the WWII aircraft carrier Intrepid

As a tribute to the great comedian there was a display on the ship where Hope had performed. 

After much cajoling I got the boys to stand next to the cutout of Hope. 

Lee & Scotty with Bob Hope

The Bronx Zoo is a must visit for anyone travelling to New York.  

It is an easy subway ride with the zoo entrance only a few blocks from the subway exit.

Lee & Scotty at the Bronx Zoo

Lee & Jim at the Bronx Zoo

Central Park is truly one of the wonders of urban America. 

I doubt that New York City would be liveable if it were not for its parks and Central Park is truly its crown jewel. 

Isn't this a great picture of Janie?

Janie in Central Park

Here are the boys in front of the "castle" of Central Park.

Boys in Central Park

Although it has seen better days, Coney Island is still a kick especially if you like Nathan's hot dogs and who doesn't?


And of course there has to be a ride on the Cyclone (but not for me)!  The boys are in the last car.


Scotty turned 17 while we were on vacation.  He got his wish and we ate at a Korean/Japanese restaurant where this photo was taken.

Scotty at Seventeen