Growing Up

OK, since you are a glutton for images here goes some.  These are very old pictures of my family and myself beginning  in the very early 1940's.  I found these while rummaging about my office preparing for some new furniture.

Below is a picture of my Mother while she was in High School.   Was she Sweet Sixteen or what?

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Just to show that my Mom and Dad had a life without me.   This was probably taken in the early to mid-1940's.  The utlimate cause of my Dad's death may be seen in his left hand.

Helen and LW Riley.JPG (272229 bytes)


Here is Mom is holding me in front of our house.  I am probably several weeks old.

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This was my very first Christmas.  I think Mom had the holiday blues.

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At 18 months I was ready for winter.

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My Grandmother has me when I was about one or so.  This was taken in front of our basement fireplace.

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The one below was taken in a sandbox near our farm when I was about two or three years old.

jr1.jpg (35611 bytes)


I love the cars in this shot. 

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At 7 or so I was with my Cocker Spaniel "Bigger" during a winter day.

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Here is a picture of my Dad as he was participating in our home town's centennial celebration. 

He is the one in foreground in the stove pipe hat walking next to the policeman.

jr11.jpg (39697 bytes)


Although it is not fashionable today, my Dad also was something of hunter. 

Here is the bear he killed near Creed, Colorado in the late 1940's.

jrdadbear.jpg (27949 bytes)


I was with him on that trip although I did no shooting.

jr7.jpg (34869 bytes)


On another driving trip I took a picture of my Mom and Dad

jr5.jpg (19833 bytes)v


Someone recently sent me these pictures of my grade school classes. 

2nd Grade

Jimmy Riley - 4th Grade.JPG (87705 bytes)

I'm middle row left (missing front teeth).

4th Grade

Jimmy Riley-5th Grade.jpg (72466 bytes)

Thats me with the smirk, third row up, second from right.

6th Grade

Jimmy Riley 6th Grade.jpg (79727 bytes)

The principal was Cyrus Steinhultz (and he was more strict than he looks).  I'm second from his left.

7th Grade

Jimmy Riley 7th Grade.jpg (66744 bytes)

Hormones are beginning to show their effects -- Don't you think?  (I'm middle row, far left).

8th Grade

Jimmy Riley 8th Grade.jpg (100294 bytes)

Now they are in full force. (Again, I am middle row, far left)

On a trip of the high school Physics Club (c. 1957) this terrible picture was taken.  My friends and I were playing the Blues Brothers long before they were around.  This may not be a "Where's Waldo" site, but can you find me?  (Pretend you care.)  (HINT:  I'm the second tallest one in the picture with sun glasses.)

High School Physics Class.JPG (638081 bytes)


A few years later I was a freshman in college.  As a member of a fraternity we were all required to have a photo.  Here is mine.  We were required to look so"regular."

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