Jim & Sam

(circa 1996)


At about the same time of year, Scotty and Sam enjoyed the golden Aspens.

Scotty and Sam.JPG (244731 bytes)

Sam and I have been getting to know each other pretty well of late. Aside from loving to romp with Lee and Scotty, he loves to carry stuffed animals around the house hoping someone will play with him and them. Above is a picture of the two of us glorious fall day in the mountains.

Post Mortem (March, 2006)

All too soon, Sam had to be put down.  Anyone who has had to make this anguished decision knows what an awful feeling this is.  He had become a member of the family, loved by all.  Everywhere I went, when he could, Sam was there with that clear smile, wagging tail -- a totally loyal and devoted friend.  I wish I had the words to describe the comfort and joy he brought but such feelings are beyond me to  describe adequately.  As a final goodbye, this will have to do:

I didn’t say goodbye because I wanted you to go,
I did it dear Sam because I loved you so.

I  miss you so much, old friend.