Vacation to Florida   

    During June of 2000 Janie, the boys and I spent about two weeks in Florida on a typical American vacation.  About five days was spent in Disneyworld where we were up at 7:00, in the park of choice by 9:00 a.m. and back to the resort around 10:30 p.m., totally exhausted.  Even the boys were ready to head to the beach after four park visits -- Animal Kingdom, Epcot, MGM and (of course) the Magic Kingdom.

    For the next seven days we lounged about Lido Beach near Sarasota.   As always the ocean serves as a major attitude changer.  Up at 9:00 (or maybe 10:00), stroll on the beach wondering about lunch.  We did take time from our lazy beachcoming to visit the John Ringling art museum in Sarasota (of Ringling Brothers, Barnam and Bailey circus fame).  The winter home of Thomas A. Edison in Ft. Meyer's was also very interesting.

    Below are a few images of our trip.

    If we look a bit frazzled its only because the temperature was about 97o with equal humidity.  Epcot was definitely one of our favorite Disney spots.   If you go there be certain to visit the Japanese area and witness the drum performance.  (PS -- You may notice that Lee is now taller than me -- what's happening here???)

The Riley Family at DisneyWorld


    Janie took a very nice picture of the boys and myself at Epcot.

boysndad00.jpg (47278 bytes)

    While in Sarasota we visited a pier where the boys fed some very aggressive pelicans.  This is the exact spot where Lee, some ten years earlier, was surrounded by pelicans and became very scared.  This time both of the boys got to get up close and personal with the big birds with a funny bill.

pelicans00.JPG (27496 bytes)

    Near Lido Beach is the John Ringling art museum that is definitely worth visiting.  In the middle of the museum is a luxurious court yard that would be astounding in any old country setting.  It is interesting to imagine the elegant gatherings that took place here in the 1920's.

ringling00.jpg (68705 bytes)

    Of course no visit to the ocean is complete without an image of marvelous sunset.  Janie took this on one of those spectacular occasions.

sunset00.JPG (37919 bytes)