For purposes of this checklist, the application process typically begins in the spring, approximately eighteen months prior to when the applicant expects to begin law school. For summer or mid-year admission, the schedule should be adjusted accordingly.

You should consult with your PreLaw Advisor at all stages during this process.

Check when completed

March-June: Prepare for LSAT ____

Apr-May: Apply for LSAT (registration deadline are usually 1 month prior to test date) ____

June: Take LSAT ____

July: Receive LSAT score ____

Aug-Sept: Subscribe to CAS (Credential Assembly Service)  ____

Aug-Sept: Have official transcript's) sent to CAS with transcript request forms ____

Aug-Sept: Send to law schools for catalogs, applications, and financial aid information ____

September: Check CAS report for accuracy ____

September: Talk to those you have chosen to write letters of recommendation ____

September: Write personal statement ____

Sept-Nov: Meet with admissions representatives at a Law Fair/Law Forum ____

Oct-Nov: Fill out applications ____

Oct-Nov: Formally request letters of recommendation for the schools you have chosen ____

Oct-Nov: Send applications ____

Nov-Dec: Check to be sure application file is complete, including letters of recommendation ____

Jan: File your financial aid applications ____

Apr-Jun: Be sure to pay your seat deposit on time ____