Maui on My Mind

Having an ocean view on any island is always a good thing.  Maui is especially so.  We were fortunate enough to have a marvelous view of Molokai from our balcony.  One morning the sunrise provided a rainbow.

Rainbow from Patio.jpg (424973 bytes)


In the evening Molokai became even more lovely.


Sunset from Patio.jpg (392060 bytes)


On his first trip to Maui Lee was not quite two years old.  His mother held him in the arm of a wooden sailor.  As you can see he was apprehensive (to say the least).  Twenty one years later the same statue remained in place for yet another picture.  Scotty joined him for his take with the statue.

Lee and Statue-Lahina.JPG (86715 bytes)

Lee and Statue2-Lahina.jpg (595737 bytes)

Boys at Statue1.jpg (749246 bytes)


Lunching by the ocean has to be a highlight of any trip to Hawaii.

Rileys at Cabana.jpg (796760 bytes)


Because Scotty was now twenty-one we could have a drink at a popular watering hole on Front Street in Lahina:  Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Rileys at Bar.jpg (713532 bytes)


On a drive to the North Shore of Maui we were treated to a spectacular view of the ocean.

Scotty and Jim on North Shore.jpg (971340 bytes)


In his favorite sun glasses, Lee shows the other direction of the North Shore beach.

Lee on North Shore.jpg (1006347 bytes)


Sunset from Front Street in Lahina is almost always a gorgeous end to tiring days.

Sunset from Front Street.jpg (674707 bytes)