Travels in Germany

June, 2002

From the time of our arrival Kristy and Frank were showing us around the beautiful Rhine valley in and about Bonn, Germany.  Among our more memorable sojourns was a leisurely trip on the river itself.  Castles nestled in the high hills overlooking river traffic conjured images of times long past when feudalism reigned and western civilization was in its adolescence.

    Jim and Janie on the Rhine

Jim and Janie on the Rhine


On our trip we sought refreshments in a former jail cell now converted into a cozy but creepy "cocktail lounge."  The tower in the castle above was its location.   Frank, Kristy and Janie feign comfort.

Frank, Kristi and Janie in Jail


After our boat trip we found a spot high in a castle to overlook where we had been.

Spectacular View of Rhine

Kristy, Frank and Janie


Not all of our travels were on the Rhine however.  Visiting small towns in the surrounding area was done by train easily, quickly and efficiently -- I may have to re-think the image I have of public transportation!  Below is Janie and Kristy with a famous lodge in the background.  The present government (if that is the proper term) of Afghanistan was constructed there.  Legend has it that Leonid Bhreznev, somewhat drunk, wrecked a brand new Mercedes Benz driving from this lodge.

Janie and Kristi


In Bad Godesberg we found a lovely flower garden.

Janie and Kristi

Lush tree lined walk ways often lead to wonderful beer gardens.   Kristy was leading us to one below.

Kristi and Jim in Bonn


In the picturesque village of Arhweiler we found a great restaurant and a winery!

Jim and Kristi in Arhweiler


What would a visit to Bonn be without visiting the "Big Head" of 'Conrad Adenauer"?

The Big Head