Popular Participation in State Politics

I.    Extension of the Franchise

    A.    Elimination of Religious Requirements

    B.    Elimination of Property Ownership Requirements

    C.    The 15th Amendment

    D.    The 19th Amendment

    E.    Elimination of the White Primary

    F.    Voting Rights Act

    G.    The 24th Amendment

    H.    The 26th Amendment

II.    Participation and Voting

    A.    Varieties of Participation

        1.    Conventional v. Unconventional

        2.    Direct v. Indirect

    B.    Individual Motivation

            a.     material benefits and costs

            b.     intrinsic reasons

    C.    Voting Rates

        1.    Primaries

        2.    State and Local Elections

        3.    Congressional Elections

        4.    Presidential Elections

    D.    Systemic Factors Impacting Voter Turnout

        1.    Socio-Economic Status

        2.    Registration Requirements

        3.    Level of Interparty Competition

        4.    Election Type

        5.    Geographic Location of Contest

        6.    Issues in Campaign

        7.    Candidate Appeal

IV.    Protest Politics - Special Role of Media

    A.    Protest Activities

    B.    Civil Disobedience

    C.    Violence

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