I.        Compared with the President

    A.    Heavy Domestic Focus

    B.    Multiple-Elected Executive

    C.    Relations with the Legislature

    D.    Relations with Local Governments

    E.    Limited Economic Controls

II.        Gaining Office (Current Governors)

    A.    Candidate Pool

    B.    Getting Nominated

    C.    Gubernatorial Campaigns

III.        Major Roles (New York Example)

    A.    Manager/Administrator/Executive

    B.    Chief Legislator (Veto Powers)

    C.    Spokesperson for State Interests

    D.    Party Leader

    E.    Intergovernmental Coordinator

    F.    Ceremonial Head of State

    G.    Crisis Manager

IV.        Powers

    A.    Formal

    B.    Informal

    C.    Limits

V.    Presidential Candidate Pool

    A.    Advantages of Governors

    B.    Disadvantages of Governors

    C.    Historical Comparisons 

        1.    Presidents    

        2.    President's Previous Occupations (Governors Who Became President)

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National Governor's Association

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Republican Governor's Association

Democratic Governor's Association

National Lieutenant Governor Association

Western Governor's Association

National Association of Secretaries of State

National Association of State Treasurers

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