The Electoral Game

I.    Campaigns

    A.    Strategies

        1.    Democratic Congressional Challengers Strategy Memo

        2.     Republican Strategy in 2006

        3.     Net Strategies Evolve

        4.    Challengers v. Incumbents   

    b.    Techniques and Tactics

II.    Primaries

    A.    Development

    B.    Types

III.    General Elections

    A.    Role of Census

    B.    Apportionment  (Maps of Congressional Districts)         

    C.    Parallel Campaigns

        1.     Candidates

        2..   Advocacy Groups ( Example:  Service Employees International Union)

IV.    Voters and Voting

    A.    Who Votes?

        1.    Reasons for Voting -- SocioEconomic Factors

        2.    Presidential v. Mid-Term Elections

    B.    Issues Regarding  Ballots

IV.    Outcomes

Key Web Sites

National Republican Congressional Committee

National Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Leadership PACS

Mystery PACS

527 Organizations

Who's Who in Congress