Committees in Congress

I.    Characteristics

    A.    Subject Oriented

    B.    Policy Makers

    C.    Policy Overseers

    D.    Stable Membership

    E.    Independence - Decentralized

    F.    Source of Fragmentation

    G.    Majority Party Dominance

II.    Types of Committees

    A.    Standing (HOUSE; SENATE)

    B.    Sub-Committees (House; Senate)

    C.    Joint

    D.    Select/Special

    E.    Conference (Reports from 110th Congress)

    F.    House Committee of the Whole House

III.    Committee Assignments

    A.   House Processes

    B.    Senate Processes (detailed explanation)

    B.    Three Goals of Members in Seeking Assignments

        1.    Enhance Chances of Re-Electability

        2.    Influence Specific Policy Arenas

        3.    Gain Power Broadly

IV.   Committee Leadership

    A.    Selection

    B.    Chairperson's Powers

    C.    Staff

V.    Policy Making

    A.    Overlapping Jurisdiction (example)

    B.    Multiple Referrals

    C.    Hearings

    D.    Markups

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