Being There:  Hill Styles & Home Styles

I.    Member Profiles

    A.     Representatives

    B.     Senators

II.    Hill Styles

    A.    Activities

        1.    Meetings

        2.    Constituent Services

        3.    Fundraising

        4.    Courting the Media

    B.    Office Staff

        1.    Legislative

        2.    Administrative

    C.    Predominant Norms

        1.    Institutional Loyalty

        2.    Reciprocity and Accommodation

        3.    Specialization

        4.    Seniority and Apprenticeship (on decline)

        5.    Surviving

    D.    Primary Role Orientations

        1.    Protecting Constituency Interests

        2.    Impacting National Policy

        3.    Climbing the congressional power ladder

III.    Home Styles

    A.    Homeward Bound

        1.    The Tuesday-Thursday Club

        2.    The Three Week Month Club

    B.    Constituency Considerations

        1.    Demographics and Partisan Leanings

        2.    The Issue of Heterogeneity

Key Web Sites

        Congressional Research Services Reports (An Extraordinarily Valuable Set of Reports)

Congressional Profile