Creation of the Presidency:

Practical Need for a Chief Executive and Fear of Tyranny

I.    Revolutionary Legacy

       A.    Fear and Loathing of Monarchy

       B.    Weak Executives in States

       C.    Articles of Confederation (1781-1789)

       D.     Shay's Rebellion

       E.    Annapolis Convention (background)

II.    The Convention and the Constitution (timeline; history; creation of office)

       A.    Delegates

       B.    Questions Regarding the Executive

            1.     Length of Term

            2.     Method of Selection (Electing the President - Early View)

            3.     Powers

            4.     Number in Office:  plural v. singular

            5.     Eligibility for Re-election

            6.     Removal from Office

        C.    Constitutional Foundations     

        D.    The Federalist Papers (#67 - #77)          

III.  The Modern Presidency:  New Issues and Problems

       A.    The Legislative Veto

       B.    The Line Item Veto

       C.    Initiation of War

       D.    Executive Agreements

       E.    The Swelling of the Presidency

       F.    The Media Throne/Guillotine

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