Environmental Policy: 

Externalities and Interests

I.  Hard Choices

    A.    Environmental Externalities (case study)

    B.    Cost Benefit Analysis

    C.    Command v. Market Forces

II.    Areas of Concern

    A.    Solid Waste Disposal

    B.    Hazardous Waste (ATSDR ; sites)

    C.    Water Pollution

    D.    Air Pollution (generate air data report; pie chart of sources)

    E.    EPA Superfund Program   

III.    "Environmentalism" v. Science

        A.    Global Warming

        B.    Acid Rain

        C.    Ozone Depletion

        D.    Kyoto Protocols

IV.    Nuclear Power Gone South

        A.    Nuclear Sites in U.S

        B.    Waste disposal (NRC Regulations)

        C.    Critique of Anti-Nuke Sentiments)

        D.    A Possible Future

Key Web Sites

 Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Defense Fund

    Ayn Rand Institute

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Nuclear Regulatory Commission