Public Policy and Economics: 

Incrementalism with a Vengeance

I.  Economic Theories

    A.    Laissez Faire

    B.    Keynesianism

    C.    Monetarism

    D.    Supply Side Economics

II.    Incrementalism (Federal Government spending: 1, 2, 3)

    A.    Incidence

    B.    Causes

    C.    Effects

    D.    Alternatives

III.    "Controllables" and "Uncontrollable" Expenditures

    A.    Uncontrollables and Entitlements

    B.    Controllables

    C.    Significance (1975 Report:  Part I & Part 2 - Still Relevant)

IV.    National Debt (who holds the National Debt; foreign holdings)

    A.    Growth:  FDR-Bush Obama Budget - Graph

    B.    Causes

    C.     Significance (consequences)

    D.    Solutions (balanced budget amendment-con; pro)

V.    The Budgetary Process

    A.    The Executive Budget

            1.     Authority

            2.     Receipts

            3.     Expenditures

    B.    Process

            1.     OMB

            2.     CBO

            3.     Congressional Action

            4.     Presidential Action

    C.     Political Nature

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